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New world, new words!

A new world calls for new words, and we certainly have a lot of them from Second Life that at least I've never used for those purposes before: avatar, sim, grid, Barbie, griefer ... actually, it's really a fun little vocabulary! :)

But of course such things can always be improved, so here are suggestions for badly-needed words and phrases in Second Life, like "death feature" and "lesbiman". :)

I really do know full well that the way terms sneak into language has very little to do with enterprising women, winged or otherwise, posting them, still I feel responsible to offer some lesser-used or wholely original words and phrases for use in Second Life.

(After finishing my list, it turned out that I ended up making up a lot of new ones for things we don't have words for now. Later note: "Resi", "First Life", and "omnisexual" are not original with me, and I can't guarantee no one's ever come up with any of the others. :) )

Resi - So useful, yet I hardly ever hear it! Short for "resident," so someone who is in Second Life.

First Life (or FL, or 1L) - I like this so much better than the term "real life," because some things in Second Life are real.

'port - As in "teleport", with or without the cute little 'postrophe. Hardly anyone types out "teleport" (except for me: I type everything out), any the common abbreviation is "tp", which also stands for "toilet paper". So ... "Port me"?

all type and no click - A way to describe someone who exaggerates or doesn't come through.

vapor love - A romance that burns hot one day and vanishes the next when your lover turns into a furry or stops logging in or decides to become a slave in Gor or confesses to being a grad student just trying to get some information for research.

posemelt - Getting overlapped with another avatar because of a bad pose.

primplosion - An object made with a lot more prims than it should be.

SLove - Romance or commitment that exists mainly on hard drives and Internet connections, and that vanishes when you go back to First Life. Rhymes with "glove".

death feature - Any enhancement of Second Life that might make you miserable. Voice chat and age verification are good examples (depending on who you are!).

lesbiman - A straight guy in First Life playing a girl in Second Life just for sexual kicks. Not to be used if the person is actually trying to learn something about being a woman!

Barbied - (For women.) Ignored because there are too many pretty avatars in the room.

outBarbie - To get noticed as being pretty even when there are a lot of other pretty avatars in the room.

FLeep and aFLeep - To be unavailable in Second Life because you have things you need to do in First Life. ("Sorry, I missed that...I was aFLeep for a few minutes.")

avibend - To use an avatar that's more or less realistic looking but very different from your First Life self (for instance, to bend gender or age or race).

disclosurist - A person who doesn't want to associate with people who don't say what they're like in First Life. Disclosurists sometimes equate avibending with lying.

benderist - A person who thinks people grow and learn from taking on different Second Life personas, even if they don't disclose avibending.

omnisexual - Willing to be and get romantic with different genders, especially when open to specialized kinds of sexuality like DS and furry sex.

signa-tachment - A kind of item that a person often wears for personal expression, like my wings or my friend Fallie's fox ears and tail.

inventrash - Items you will never use that you haven't gotten around to weeding out of your inventory.

realosexual - Not interested in sex or romance in Second Life.

SLex - Virtual sex, expressed concisely in just four letters!

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May. 24th, 2007 02:54 am (UTC)
So grabbed for my blog...which sadly is blogspot-based, not LJ, due to that whole FL/SL separation. :)
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