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Hottest Second Life Gadgets of 2008

Yes, I've used my mystic knowledge of the unseen future* to look into the gadget shops of next year! Here are some of the hottest items of Second Life's future. :)

* Pokeman: There are lots of people in Second Life, but are there lots of friendly, available, cute men? No! Pokeman fixes the problem by offering a wide selection of virtual men on demand. Just hold your Pokeman ball in your hand and say "Nathan Fillion: I choose you!"

* Personality overriders: Second Life can fix an unattractive walk, and with the new PO's, it can fix an unattractive attitude, too! Set your whining animation to the "quirky and amusing insight" gesture, or your disgust animation to "genteel compassion"!

* New, realistic typing animation!: Instead of looking like we're typing by bobbing our hands up and down, we'll look like we're actually typing. Won't that be great?

* Attachable avatars: Why send your friends teleports when you can just attach them to your head?

* Finally, realistic hair!: It mainly stays one color, it gets split ends, you can't do anything with it, it looks ridiculous when you log in and get out of bed and it only gets longer by about an inch or two a month, but you can make it as short as you want in just a few minutes! Unfortunately, haircutting animations are still limited, and you'll probably end up with a mange cut.

Actually that one wasn't so much popular as highly anticipated. Prim hair started looking much more attractive after I tried real hair. :)

^^^\ Kate /^^^

*Even though I'm joking about that, so far I was exactly right about the effects of voice on Second Life community, so maybe I am a little psychic, like Daphne from Frasier.


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