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The Winged Girl Blog

Second life culture, society, philosophy and romance

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Kate Amdahl
Kate Amdahl is my Second Life (www.secondlife.com) self, the virtual reality me. If you're not familiar with Second Life and would like to be, you could go back to my first posts, where I do my best to explain things in a way that will make sense to people not already in-world, or you could try it yourself (it's free, more or less).

I'm one of the Sweet-Tongued Sylphs, a Second Life innovatrix, socialite, part-time fashionista, commentator, and co-creator of the Diversionarium (a free spot in Second Life for social games and creative play). I'm usually seen with wings, when I'm seen at all (I'm elusive). I write about Second Life culture, sex, language, understanding, and fun.

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